DA Rate Chart Table : Good news for central employees, see the new DA chart here, everyone will be happy!

DA Rate Chart Table : Good news is coming for government employees, because this relaxation given by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is proposed to provide relief from inflation, after this jump in dearness allowance of government employees, there can be a lot of benefit, In view of inflation, the Central Government is increasing the dearness allowance of the employees by 4 percent, which is quite attractive, keeping in mind the unexpectedly rising inflation rate, this increase is being done to provide more financial assistance to the employees.

DA Rate Chart Table

DA Rate Chart Table

DA Rate Chart Table

Currently the government is giving seniority allowance ( dearness allowance ) on the basis of 42%, but under this new policy after the increase of 4%, the concerned personnel will get revenue on the basis of total seniority allowance of 46%.

This will increase their income and improve their living. Central employees can get a lot of benefit through this option, because they are getting troubled by the rising inflation day by day and are facing difficulties in helping their families, the government has taken this decision on the basis of AICPE index. Which is a good way to help in increasing the dearness allowance of the relevant personnel. This selection will help in improving the economic condition of the concerned personnel and can be a high quality one for them.

Good information for government employees

The increase in dearness allowance is made by the concerned authorities on the basis of confidential financial data. The rates of dearness allowance have been increasing continuously in the last few years.

  1. In January 2021, salaries were paid to employees on the basis of 28% dearness allowance.
  2. This rate increased to 31% in July 2021, which benefited the employees.
  3. Dearness allowance will also increase to about 34 percent in July 2022.
  4. Ultimately the price of dearness allowance increased by 42% in January 2023.
  5. It is providing socio-monetary protection to workers against rising inflation.

Is dearness allowance increased twice a year?

DA Rates Chart Table: Hearing of employees against inflation is held through the Central Government in January and July.

  • The first increase in dearness allowance is based on AICPI index.
  • There was an increase for the second time in July on the demand of employees, but the officials did not respond.
  • Central employees are also worried about the increase in dearness allowance.
  • There is a possibility of an increase of up to 4% from the government in September, but no notification has come yet.
  • Profit is given on the basis of 42 percent dearness allowance in primary income.

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